Check the Pulse of your Buildings

Is someone watching yours?


Access our services with apps developed for the latest platforms: macOS, iOS, Android OS, and for some WebGL.


Built on the Google Cloud Platform to support true global availability and the very latest in cloud storage and security.


Decouple your Building's Automation System from people who need the information it has to offer.


BuildingPulse provides these primary services


With optimized two-way communication with your buildings, server status, and specific building automation data is kept up to date and ready for review. If there's a problem, we notify you.


Easily and clearly present current building automation information tailored for different groups of people.
Let them see their signal, not someone else's noise.


With AfterHours, building tenants are grouped into tenancies, and can self-manage their own office space, while enabling building owners to recoup the energy cost incurred.

Case Studies

Examples of where BuildingPulse has made a difference.

Premium Office Tower Benefits from AfterHours

1 Farrer Place is an 80,000 m2 twin tower 104 storey premium office complex.

The Challenge
From 2013 to 2015 the buildings were upgraded with a complete retrofit of the existing building management system.
As part of the upgrade package included a requirement for a Tenant user interface solution to book, manage and schedule the HVAC and lighting for their respective tenancies.

The Solution
Introduce the BuildingPulse - AfterHours app which gives a superior Tenant experience and greatly enhances the booking system integration with the BAS system.
The solution resulted in zero facilities management time on booking schedules and Tenants receive their own usage reports.
Facilities management receive automatic monthly reports independent of the BAS which provides high availability to reports for usage and billing purposes.
The system is running seamlessly across 54 Tenancies with over 600 staff using the system.

"We prefer the app style setup of the system - saves details - visually better"

"We find the app more intuitive - one click style moves you through booking quite simply"

Premises Assistant, Minters Tenancy, Governor Macquarie Tower

Top University takes advantage of BuildingPulse

The University of New South Wales is one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities.UNSW is Australia’s most comprehensive research-intensive university, one of only two in the world to be ranked in 50 subject areas in the ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2017.

The Challenge
The campus is served by several BAS systems and so consequently Research Laboratory staff and students would have to access multiple systems to keep an eye on the environmental conditions of their labs. Facilities management had to manage multiple usernames and passwords for the operators and provide training on several systems even though the amount of data they needed to view was a relatively unique part of each system.

The Solution
Enter BuildingPulse®, a mobile platform solution with the ability to provide ubiquitous access to the Research Lab data regardless of which BAS system the sensors were connected to.This provided the users with their relevant key information across all systems no matter where they were in the Campus and was always available to them in their pocket. This greatly improved being in touch with what was going on in the labs as well as saving a lot of time to prevent where in some cases the users would have to walk to another building to be able to log in to the front end and get information.BuildingPulse® also saved time and costs for the FM team by simplifying user management and training time needed for various stakeholders at the University.